I am Mahdi Mahdavi

Hello, dear friends I am inviting you to join our entourage of fans. We need your support in order to be successful. Please write your information correctly and completely so we would be able to be in touch with you.

Hello, i am Shahram Mahmoudi

Thank you very much for joining our entourage of fans. Please complete the information blow including your name, surname and gender correctly. These information are valuable for us!

Hi, i am Farhad Ghaemi

I appreciate you listening to my colleagues. we want to build better relationship with you so please write your email address and phone number and choose a password .you can login in into the club in the future with your password. We supposed to consider special programs for you in the club.

i am Mohammad Mousavi

Good job! You listened to Shahram, Mehdi and Farhad so far. There is just one step remaining to finish your membership. Now please write your region, city and address for us so we would be able to know which city we should travel to. You are the best of the best!

i am Milad Ebadipour

I appreciate you on behalf of my colleagues. We are glad that you joined our entourage of fans. We will be beside you very soon !